Bentley Maintenance in San Rafael, CA

While performing excellent service on so many Ferraris and Maseratis here in San Rafael, we realised our loyal clients were driving wonderful other European cars every day.  Being such a well respected dealership alternative to Marin and San Francisco for so many years and clients, we just had to ask: If they trust us with their prized Ferrari F430, Maserati Quattroporte, 458, or 360 Modena, wouldn’t they trust us on other brands we know…?   Holding a shop meeting, we quickly realized that all within our staff, we had a Porsche Master Technician, a Jaguar Master Technician, a Land Rover Master Technician, and extensive German car experience. While working in the dealer network we also had experience reconditioning high-end European cars that were in on trade for resale.  This information coupled with the availability for software on our scan tools, we decided to expand our services to include Bentley. We employed our existing honesty and hard work and the results have been awesome.

The Bentley lineup is so luxurious and awe inspiring.  Continental is a stunning machine that comes in two chassis options: Coupe and Convertible.  And each are fantastic. Our extensive Ferrari and Maserati experience is just right for handling and servicing these fine autos.  Continental GT and Flying Spur alike are right at home being serviced here. All Bentleys get covered inside and out during repairs to protect the natural interior surfaces as well as the paint and body panels from damage.  We have plenty of square footage here so all cars are pulled inside our shop at night for added protection. Out of town and can’t pick up your car quickly? We are fully stocked with battery maintainers and car covers to keep your Bentley ready when you are.  We also offer long-term storage options.

We perform extensive services on both the V8 and W12 engines.  We want you to fully enjoy your Bentley with peace of mind. During our services, we also look for any developing issues.  We’re happy to identify and supply an estimate with a repair plan.Below is a condensed version of just the annual/10K Bentley service we perform:

  • Perform engine oil and filter change.

    • Rack car on lift.  Remove under tray and drain engine oil.  Remove oil filter housing cap and replace the filter element with Genuine Bentley parts.

  • Perform brake inspection and record measurements.

  • Rotate tires when front and rear tire sizes are the same.

  • Inspect the upper and lower control arm bushings for wear.

  • Inspect the flexible brake lines.

  • Full brake fluid drain, fill, and flush service.

    • Evacuate the brake fluid reservoir, fill with fresh brake fluid, hook up a brake pressure bleeder and crack and drain all caliper bleeder screws.

  • We remove and inspect both left and right engine air filter housings for debris and inspect the air filter elements.

  • The cabin air filters get removed and inspected for replacement.  

  • Gain access to both the main/primary and the secondary batteries.  Hook up the battery diagnostic tester and print out results.

  • Check wiper blades and washer operation.

  • Inspect interior and exterior lighting system for alignment and bulb function.

  • Lube all body gaskets and seals

  • Lube door hinges.

  • Hook up Bentley computer diagnostic equipment to check the vehicle’s state of health.  We then check and diagnose any active or stored fault codes.  

  • Reset the maintenance indicator lamp so you’ll accurately know when to get your next service.

  • Last, we carry out a final road test to confirm a smooth ride.

Need help pairing your bluetooth phone?  Call us. We will be happy to pair your phone to your car and assist you through the phone book and calling options.  Plus, we’ll help you get acquainted to your voice activated navigation system. We’re here for any and all of your needs.

Offering Bentley service in the Bay Area was very easy.  As stated, we know how to treat a nice car. Also, we’ve already been offering concierge trailer service to most of the Bay Area from San Jose to Windsor.  Including Bentley to this service just makes sense. We have a truly fantastic low-riding aluminum trailer with low, long ramp extensions and a removable left fender for door clearance.  Our truck is perfect for hauling these beauties anywhere. Call 415-259-5488 to set up this service.