Recently we had a client bring us their Range Rover Evoque because the keyless remote would not function. They disassembled the remote side panel to gain access the the emergency key blade so the door could be unlocked. Since the car's alarm system was not disabled, the alarm went off but they were at least another step closer to us. The key was not recognized when they tried to start the car. This required the customer to place the key fob in a special cut out just under the steering column so the car could then be started. They drove the car into our shop with the alarm going. So unfortunate! We were easily able to confirm our customer's concern and dug right into diagnosis. First, we tested the remote output with an RF tester. We then read fault codes and none were present that were relevant to our issue. With a lot of electrical gremlins in the English cars, we have found that resetting the battery can cure a lot. We located the vehicle battery under the hood beneath a trim panel and disconnected the negative battery terminal for several minutes. Once reconnected, the car's remote functions were restored as well as a proper keyless start! All that was left was to reset the date and time and reprogram the windows. This turned out to be an easy and inexpensive repair for our client's Evoque. We look forward to seeing them for their scheduled maintenance in the future.

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